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Kihi Shrine

Kihi jinja



This shrine was established in 1337 but is said to have existed as a place of worship before the 12th century since we have found a sword, presumably given by Minamoto no Yoshiie in 1091 as a protective war amulet.

Kihi Shrine's name is composed of the characters for "food" ("ki" 気) and "spirit" ("hi" 比). It worships Ukemochi no Kami (goddess of cereals and food), the Empress Jingu, and the legendary Yamato Takeru.

National Natural Monument: Kihi Shrine's forest & lake

Located only 800 meters (0.5 miles) from the coast, this sacred forest hosts more than 450 species of plants that thrive around its lake. The forest is particularly known for its big number of trees:

around 200 beech trees and 180 zelkova trees have been standing in the forest for several centuries.

Around the lake, you will find several worshipping altars dedicated to the goddess of food: Ukemochi no okami.


Practical Information:

Area: Yura/Sanze

Distance from the station: 25 min. (by car)

Distance from Yura Onsen: 5 min. (by car)

Type: Spiritual

Around there:

Hakusan Shrine

A very rare forest, located in the middle of the sea, in a place famous for the beauty of its beach.

Hiking trails:

Mt. Kinbo's Pilgrimage

Mt. Kinbo's Pilgrimage

Dewa Sanzan is not the only sacred place of Shugendo in Tsuruoka. Discover another sacred Yamabushi place around Yutagawa Onsen.

On the Map:

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