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Hakusan Shrine

Hakusan jinja



This shrine, hidden at the top of Hakusan Islet in front of Yura Onsen, was built in 1493. Visitors who wish to visit the shrine need to cross the "Hakusan Bridge," a 170 meters long bridge that links Yura's beach to Hakusan's islet. Estimations say Hakusan's islet was formed 30 million years ago following a volcanic eruption.

A steep stairway opens up the way to the shrine.

A very rare forest, located in the middle of the sea, in a place famous for the beauty of its beach. (Yura Beach is included in the 100 most beautiful Japanese beaches).


Practical Information:

To go to Yura Onsen, take the bus bound for Atsumi Onsen あつみ温泉 (bus timetable) and get off at Yura Onsen 由良温泉. 

Distance from the station: 25 min. (by car)

Distance from Yaotome: 5min. (on foot)

Around there:

Kihi Shrine

The shrine worships Ukemochi no Kami (goddess of cereals and food), the Empress Jingu, and the legendary Yamato Takeru.

Hiking trails:

Mt. Kinbo's Pilgrimage

Mt. Kinbo's Pilgrimage

Dewa Sanzan is not the only sacred place of Shugendo in Tsuruoka. Discover another sacred Yamabushi place around Yutagawa Onsen.

On the Map:

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