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Atsumi's Rose Garden

Atsumi onsen baraen



No less than 90 varieties and 3000 roses flower from June to October in Atsumi's rose garden. The peak season for appreciating the roses is in June. During that month, a local ice cream artist sells rose-shaped sorbets, and a "bara-matsuri" ("rose festival") is organized by the onsen villagers. The rose garden circles the lower Kumano shrine. The main Kumano shrine can be accessed through the Mt. Atsumi hiking trail.


Practical Information:

To go there by bus, get on the bus bound for Atsumi Onsen あつみ温泉 (bus stop n°1  at Tsuruoka Station), and get off at Kumanojinja mae 熊野神社前. 

Bus timetable 

  • The access to the rose garden is free. 

  • In June, expect one hour of wait for the rose-shaped ice creams. 

Around there:

Atsumi River

Atsumi River is surrounded by a hundred of cherry trees, giving a spectacular view during the cherry blossoms blooming season.

Hiking trails:

Mt. Atsumi's Pilgrimage

Mt. Atsumi's Pilgrimage

Atsumi is said to have been founded by the creator of Shugendo himself: En no Gyoja. Walk upon its sacred Shugendo paths.

On the Map:

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