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Atsumi River




Atsumi Onsen, a hot spring village which roots went back 1200 years ago, is mainly known for its river: the Atsumi-gawa 温海川, which goes up the mountain down the sea. The hundred cherry trees alongside the river bloom from late April to early May. Public footbaths sprinkled in the hot spring village can be used for free.


Practical Information:

To go there by bus, get on the bus bound for Atsumi Onsen あつみ温泉 (bus stop n°1 at Tsuruoka Station) and get off at Ashiyu anbeyumae 足湯あんべ湯前.

Bus timetable

Walk along the river to spot the three public footbaths of Atsumi Onsen: 

-Mossheyu もっしぇ湯

-Mokkeyu もっけ湯

-Anbeyu あんべ湯

Around there:

Atsumi's Rose Garden

The 3000 rose flowers of Atsumi's Rose Garden bloom from May to October at the base of Atsumi's Kumano Shrine.

Hiking trails:

Mt. Atsumi's Pilgrimage

Mt. Atsumi's Pilgrimage

Atsumi is said to have been founded by the creator of Shugendo himself: En no Gyoja. Walk upon its sacred Shugendo paths.

On the Map:

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