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Mt. Haguro's Five-Storied Pagoda

Hagurosan gojūnotō



The Five-Storied Pagoda was built between 931 and 937, but the current pagoda is a reconstruction from 1369 (the pagoda burnt in a big fire a few years before). The metallic spike at the top of the pagoda is called a sôrin 相輪, and Mt. Haguro's pagoda's sôrin dates back to 1377.
It is 29 meters tall, and each roof is covered in wood shingles (kokerabuki 杮葺き). It was designated a National Treasure in 1966.

It used to contain Buddhist statues of Mt. Haguro's bodhisattvas (Shôkannon 聖観音, Kundali 軍荼利, and Myôken 妙見). They were removed in the 1870s after the government ordained Dewa Sanzan's conversion to Shintoism only, and replaced by statues of the Shinto god of commerce: Okuninushi no Mikoto 大国主命.