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Gyokusenji Temple




Gyokusenji Temple was first built in 1251 by a disciple of Dogen (the founder of Soto Zen Buddhism) called: Ryozen Homyo 了然法明禅師. It belongs to the Soto School of Zen Buddhism.

It is famous for its Zen garden, listed in the National Monuments of Scenic Beauty registry since 1982.

Every fourth Sunday of the month, at 7:00 am, the temple organizes zazen classes (800 yen/person, on reservation). It also proposes its version of the shojin-ryori as well as goma-dofu (sesame tofu) cooking classes.


Practical Information:

To go to Gyokusenji Temple, get on the bus bound for Haguro-Gassan (bus timetable) and get off at Otorii 大鳥居. Take the road on the right side of the torii gate and walk 1.8 km until Gyokusenji Temple. 

Entrance fee: 400 yen per adult (200 yen per child)

Open hours: 9:00 to 16:00

Closed days: None

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On the Map:

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