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Chido Museum

Chidō hakubutsukan



The museum was opened in 1950 by a descendant from the Sakai family (the clan that ruled the region until the 19th century) to spread local knowledge and Shonai Clan's history.
It is located inside Tsuruoka Park and contains the National Important Cultural Property: the former Tsuruoka Police Station, recognizable by its bright blue color. Before being restored into blue, the police station used to be white. However, studies on the paint used on the walls revealed the building used to be blue instead of white.
Apart from the police station, the museum also features a thatch-roofed house, registered as a National Important Cultural Property: the Shibuya Family's home.

Inside the several buildings that compose the museum, visitors will find extensive collections of local historical findings, ranging from Prehistory to the Early 20th century.