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16 June 2021

A new jellyfish species discovered!

The researchers from Kamo Aquarium and other aquariums combined found a new species of jellyfish.

A new jellyfish species discovered!

Tima nigroannulata, that's the name of the new jellyfish species that has been discovered by the researchers of Kamo Aquarium, Shin Enoshima Aquarium, America's Ocean Research Explorations, and Hawaii Pacific University. The creature was formerly mistaken with its parents: Tima formosa, discovered in 1925. Until now, the jellyfish was frequently exposed in aquariums all over Japan under its previous name, but it is now clear that the two species are different, thanks to the work of the researchers.

Tima nigroannulata owns 53 tentacles and is fluorescent under ultraviolet light. Its vernacular name in Japanese is Giyaman-kurage ギヤマンクラゲ: the "Diamond Jellyfish" (giyaman ギヤマン comes from the Dutch word "Diamant": diamond, kurage クラゲ means jellyfish). It has not yet received a vernacular name in English as of now.

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